Girls in Motion

The pedals are moving and the gears are grinding, which means Grunt Girl Racing is in motion.

In the next few weeks you will begin to see more and more about our club and team. 
We are excited to begin this endeavor with our friends, and our soon-to-be-friends.  

If you have any question or would like additional information about this all women’s
club/team, just drop us a line and we will get you in motion too.

Sweat, grunt and tri


3 thoughts on “Girls in Motion

  1. Hi Ladies, I was very excited to come across your ad in Sports and Fitness. I am 38 y/o and I live in Streetsboro. I am very interested in beoming part of the Grunt Girl Racing Team. I am a triathlete (sprint) and have been doing so for 2 years. I have completed about 9 sprints and I currently work out on my own. I have been interested in joining a group becuase I know I need some help with training to achieve better results.

    Please contact me via email.

    • Betsy,
      I miss placed your number.

      Please call me or confirm this is the correct e-mail and I will let you know about
      training session.

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