BR100: A True Test of Endurance

Aug. 1, 2009
Burning River 100

For the past three years I have volunteered at the BR100. This year I was at the Boston Store aid station from 12:30 to 4:20 p.m.
The Boston aid station is at mile 56 and mile 60. The runners make a four mile loop back through the station and then head toward Peninsula.

BR100-2009 006During the hours I volunteered,  I saw about 30 runners come through the Boston aid station. The first was Mark Godale, (pictured) he looked great and was at least 10 minutes ahead of the next runner. The first female I saw was Connie Gardner.  

Each year I am amazed and inspired by the endurance runners. Just watching them come through the station with the intensity,  determination
and focus pumps me up for my next race.


Enjoy the pics from the BR100 and congrats to everyone who completed the 100-mile run. 

 Top Five:
Mark Godale – 16:16 – Amazing
Jay Smithberger – 17:58 
Tim Clement – 18:35
Connie Gardner – 19:21
Patrick McGlade – 19:33

Click here to see the complete list of race results.
Left: Connie Gardner first overall femal – 19:21
Center: Jared Denton, sixth overall – 19:40
Right: Foot aid station, some runners stop at the foot aid station to get a quick massage or have their blisters attended to.

BR100-2009 009

BR100-2009 005BR100-2009 015








BR100-2009 012BR100-2009 013BR100-2009 010


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