14th Annual Bellefaire JCB

Aug. 23, 2009
14th Annual Bellefaire JCB
Grunt Girl Racing

GGR at JCB 09

Left to right: Jen Woods, Stacy Rhea, Brooke Starkoff, Paula Bielfelt ,
Andrea Chisnell, Trisha McNamara, Melissa Degaetano and Laura  Dobson

 Rain clouds mixed with a light drizzle didn’t deter Grunt Girl Racing from participating in the
14th  Annual Bellefaire JCB Biathlon and walk, Sunday, Aug. 23 in Shaker Heights.


The girls did a great job Sunday. Andrea Chisnell,  Laura Dobson and Brooke Starkoff took second in their age groups
and Kim and her running partner also placed.

Above: Kim, Paula and Laura


Next on the race agenda: 
Summit Tour of Metro Parks, Sept. 5.
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
4040 Riverview Road, Peninsula

STOMP is one of the largest cycling events in Northeast Ohio. Registration includes light breakfast, Fun Stops,
SAG support, lunch and live music.

Some of the Grunt Girls will be riding the 25-mile route, others will ride the 63-mile route, and there is a 10-mile route available too.

If you want to ride as one  of the Grunt Girls, let us know and we will bring a
T-shirt for you to purchase. Black dryfit: $20, yellow, Soybu (organic material) $25











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