Second Annual Brady’s Leap Adventure Race

Second Annual Brady’s Leap Adventure Race
Saturday, Oct. 23, 2009
Kent Campus
GGR Adventure Race Oct 09

 Stacy Rhea, Melissa DeGaetano, Trish McNamara and Sara Harper at the
Second Annual Brady’s Leap Adventure Race. Hosted by Kent State University’s Recreational Services.

A leap into the unknown is one way of describing Saturday’s adventure race. I decided to do this event Friday
around noon, after receiving a phone call from Sara. 

 I am adventurous and like challenges. And usually I have a good idea of what I am about to get myself into. With this race I really had no idea. Running, biking, orienteering and kayaking were the events. But where, how far and what sort of terrain were unknown. I knew I could handle three of the four events, but as for orienteering, forget it; I would have to rely on Sara for that.briefing before the race2map

Preparation for this event was minimal. I asked a few questions, gathered my gear and got a good night’s sleep. The race started at 10 a.m., a late start compared to running and triathlon races.

It wasn’t until we received our race packets that we knew more about the course and what would be expected of us.

As a team we had to hit 10 checkpoints, or CPs. The CPs were scattered throughout the course. Of the 10 CPs, six were on the bike course, which covered various locations in Kent such as Brady’s Park along the Cuyahoga River, the Portage Hike and Bike Trail off of Crane Avenue near Standing Rock and Towner’s Woods, and the final CP by Dix Stadium. One of the CPs required a team member to wade in the river. river wade2

At the first transition, bike to run, we received a map and ran what is known as the Rogaine course. This is where Sara had to lead; otherwise we may still be running in circles.

The second transition included two CPs on Brady Lake. My legs enjoyed the break from running and cycling

After a near knockout, Sara’s paddle hit the back of my head and a tip in the water we were back on our bikes and headed for the final CP, and then to the KSU Rec for a rock climb to complete the adventure race.





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