Sharing Your Heart

Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010
Course marking for
Run with Your Heart’s
inaugural trail challenge

Marking a course for a race may seem like
a super-easy task,and for the most part it is – 
when you are well prepared. Kate Pophal,
one of the race directors for
Run with Your Heart and race promoter
for Cleveland Plays Racing,  
lead a team of volunteers to mark the
8K and 10K course.

L to R: Kate Pophal, Stacy, Tonya, Ken, Lee and Andrea

With specific pictures of  the course in hand,  
orange cones and mile markers we set out to
mark the course with detailed direction changes
and various mile markers. Normally this would take up to
one to two hours, but with more than four inches
of fresh snowon the trails it took us just about three hours.

Three Grunt Girls will be running the inaugural
Run With Your Heart Trail challenge.
Good luck, Lee, Tonya and Sarah.


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