Block em – Knock-em down excitement

I am still feeling the excitement  from
last night’s roller derby, double-header bout
between the Rolling Pin-Ups vs. Hard Knockers
and Hell Bombers vs. Cleveland Steamers at
the CSU Wolstein  Center, Cleveland.  
The season opener drew in more than 3,000 fans.

Roller Pin Ups in the green vs. Hard Knockers

Roller derby is easy to follow,
but you have to watch closely or you
will miss a great knock-her-down block or
slip-through-the-crack pass. 

Hell Bombers, Lee, a.k.a. Stroker Ace
against Cleveland Steamers

Congratulations to the
Rolling Pin Ups (Tonya’s team) and
Hell Bombers (Lee’s team)
for their nail-biting wins! 

Tonya, a.k.a Soul Eater

 Hell Bombers Blocking


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