Mohican Training Run

April 4, 2010
Mohican State Park
Training run – prep for Forget PR  Mohican – April 18, 2010

Last week, March 28, Stacy, Andrea, Lee and
Tonya completed the Fools 25K. Our next event,
Forget PR  Mohican is right around the corner. 
We have never been on the trails at Mohican
and decided it might be a good idea to run the 
course prior to the event.

Outstanding idea, as Lee would say
Mohican will live up to its
technical, hilly and tough reputation.
The startand end of the course are hilly.
When I say hillyI mean steep, long hills
that are sure to make
your legs and lungs scream.

I forgot to bring my camera on the run, so I only have pics after the run and the start
of the trail head. I plan on brining my camera for the race, as I will be hiking parts
of the course, and that is a great time to take pictures.

All though this course is challenging, it is beautiful. As stated by the 
race director: you will be temped to stop and enjoy the scenery …  

Stretching,  eating and having fun after a 10-mile run



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