Forget the PR

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Forget the PR, Mohican 25K and 50K

The weekend was full of fun
and accomplishments.

Friday, April 16:  Andrea, Lee, Tonya
and Stacy arrive at Mohican.  After unpacking
and grabbing a bite to eat the girls relaxed
around the fire pit. By 11 p.m. lights were out.
The girls slept in until 8 a.m.
“That’s late for us”, Andrea said. “We’re all early risers
during the week.” While Andrea and Lee hiked the trails,
Tonya and Stacy studied. ” I am glad I wasn’t studying
what Tonya was studying: physiology,” Stacy said. 
Stacy was researching whether or not digital billboards
are distracting and cause more traffic accidents for her
PR/advertising law class. “The topic soundsboring,”  Stacy said.
“But, I find the reasearch interesting because it is such a new
technology and there is quite a bit of controversy
about  what has beendubbed as “TV on a stick.”  


Later in the day, three more
Grunt Girls arrived:
Jody, Andrea and Sarah.
One may think seven girls in one cottage
is way too many. Not for the Grunt Girls.
“We get along so well, you’d think
we were sisters,” Jodi said.

Saturday, April 17:

As evening arrived, the girls gathered around
the fire pit to discuss the race, life and
whatever else came up. Mel, another Grunt Girl
stopped by with her “new” friend Tim.
What a nice guy!
Once again, 11 p.m. rolled around
and all lights were out.

Sunday, April 18: Race day!
The stars were still shining when the
first alarm clockrang at 5:30 a.m.
Coffee was on, and the girls began their
race-morning rituals. Breakfast three
hours before the start of the race.
For most of the girls it was PB&J.
The healthy PB&J: multi-grain bread,
natural PB and low sugar jam. Cheerios and soy milk 
were also on the list. Supplements, post-recovery meals,
and extra clothing were packed;
the girls were ready to go by 7:30 a.m.

The girls made their way to the start line with
expectations of a slow race,
after all the race is called Forget the PR.


For results, click here.


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