GRRRRunt Girls

The Grunt Girls have been busy
the last few weeks. From trail
racing to road cycling races,
we’re doing it all.

Next on the race list,
The Cleveland Marathon.
Some gals will participate in the
full-marathon,others will participate
in the half and 10K. May 1 a few Grunt Girls
will volunteer at Race for the Parks 15K,
Hudson Square, 8 a.m.
If you’d like to help us hand out water,
direct racers etc, send an e-mail to
Stacy Rhea at

April 24, Ohio Xterra Trail race #1 Vulture’s Knob
L to R: Mel, Lee, Pam, Shelley, Stacy, Tonya & Andrea

Kim and Nancy – Road racing April 18, 2010
Of course, I don’t recall the name of the race.

Sara Haper, lead racer in photo, placed
fourth in the Fort Lewis, Colorado crit,
April 25, 2010

Lee Conner placed first over all
women at the Forget the PR, Mohican
April 28, 2010


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