Thursday Night Ride/Run = A Brick

Ladies if you have signed up for the Twinsburg Duathlon, Greater Cleveland Tri/Du or any other multisport event, like cycloscross,
you will want to join us for the brick training sessions as often as possible.

What is a brick?
A brick is a back-to-back workout consisting of two sports. In this case, a ride followed by a run. This is an extremely
important workout for tri/du athletes. Going from a ride to a run is not easy. You must train your legs to adjust from one
sport to another.If  you have questions, send them to Stacy, I will address them before the ride
starts and post answers on the blog.

Ride leader: Becky Allgeier,
Stacy Rhea,, 216-534-2834
Please RSVP via text or e-mail  by 3 p.m.  day of ride/run

Date: Beginning May 6

Time: Meet at  5:30 p.m. roll at 5:45, the latest

Location: Boston Store off of Riverview Road

Ride Distance: 20-mile ride on rolling terrain –
no one is left behind. On average this will take about
60 minutes to 75 minutes

Run Distance: 2-mile run, out-n-back on the towpath.
Each week we will add a half mile to the run for those who
will be doing longer distance tri/dus. We will build up to 5 miles.

Note: You will need a road, tri or cycloscross bike for road riding.
BUT If you do not have one of the above bikes, bring your
MTB or hybrid, you can ride on the towpath, and meet us for the run.



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