Endurance put to the test

Saturday, July 3 – Sunday, Aug. 1, 2010
Burning River 100-Mile Trail Run (BR100)

For the fourth year in a row I have had the pleasure of volunteering for one of the areas most notable ultra-endurance races: the BR100, a 100-mile trail race held in Northeast Ohio that travels through several of the region’s most scenic areas, including the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Cleveland Metroparks and the Metro Parks, serving Summit County.

This year, I was an aid station captain at the Covered Bridge. I worked under the strong and confident eye of Tanya Cady.
She runs a tight, concise and spot on aid station. I learned a lot this weekend.

Most on-lookers would say ultrarunners are insane. I say they are courageous, deeply motivated and have  off-the-chart abilities to push themselves beyond comprehensible challenges.  I watch in awe as these guys and gals run into the darkness, 12-plus hours after starting their run. The terrain is brutal in some parts. It’s one thing to run 100 miles and another to travel over rugged terrain that ascents and descents thousands of feet. These are the people who are successful in life, as they do not need monetary means to motivate them to accomplish a goal.

Blisters, sore feet, tired legs, hunger and fatigue are not enough to sideline these ambitious runners. Their intense focus and determination is what I find inspiring.

Click here to read Pam Semnik’s blog: Ultra-Amazing. Semnik is a cyclist. While she does run, here runs are detailed to short distance duathlons.  Semnik was inspired by these “insane” runners.

For more information on the BR100, click here.

Happy Running, hope to see you on the trails


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