Greater Cleveland Triathlon / Duathlon

Sunday, Aug. 8, 2010
Greater Cleveland Triathlon/Duathlon

What a perfect day for a race. More than 265 triathletes and duathletes participated in the sixth annual Greater Cleveland Triathlon and Duathlon at Mentor Headlands Beach.

The 2008 & 09 swims had to be cancelled due to bad weather. This year, the waves started rolling in as triathletes finished their swim.

The Grunt Girls had an awesome day.

L to R: Teresa, Andrea, Stacy, Diana, Trish and Kim

Andrea Chisnell placed first over-all in the International distance duathlon

Stacy Rhea placed second over-all in the International duathlon

Trish McNamara placed  first in the age group, 45-49, in the Sprint duathlon.

Kim Zepp placed six out of 10 in the International triathlon

Teresa Stanek placed fourth in the age group 45-49, International triathlon

Diana Woolf placed six out of 12 in the sprint triathlon

L to R: Trish, Andrea, Stacy

Next on the race list:

Twilight 8K – Aug. 12
Shatter the Silence – Aug. 19
Xterra 5-mile trail race – Aug. 21


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