Cyclocross brings the kid out in you

Remember the good ‘ole days, when you were a kid without a care in the world, riding your bike all over the neighborhood?  Those days are long gone.  Unless you take Pam Semanik’s view on her first cross ride:

“Riding the course was like entering a time warp. I’m once again 12 years old, riding with my friends on our fat-tired coaster brake bikes, weaving in and out of the swings on the playground, jumping curbs, speeding over the neighbor’s lawns. The only difference – I wasn’t getting yelled at.”

Four Grunt Girls braved the Cross clinic Tuesday night. The clinic, which was sponsored by Grunt Girl Racing, Snake Bite Racing  and Team Lake Effect, with additional support from Bike Authority and Carbon Racing, offered newbies and  novice cross riders a chance to experience a cross course without the competition.

The clinic was a success. More than 25 riders, from various teams and clubs showed up to see what this hot sport is all about. The coaches divided the group into smaller groups and taught the riders how to dismount and

remount the bike, pick it up, and jump over obstacles. Next, the riders were put the test and rode part of the Regan Park cross course.

Diana Woolf, is new to the sport. She came out on her “old” mountain bike.
Woolf’s analogy of the sport: It’s like trail running on a bike, I loved it!”

Cross is high intensity.

“It’s a sport that requires the athlete to sprint in the beginning not the end of the race,” says Shawn Adams, one of the cross coaches and a member of Carbon Racing.

Adams, along with the other coaches make cross look easy, but admit, it takes time to master the technique. Practice makes perfect …

Another coach pointed out, cross is a lot of fun. Riders of all sorts, road, mountain, etc., enjoy this sport. They are laid back and supportive of one another.

The sport also offers three levels of racing.

30 minute race for newbies
45 minute race Novice
60 minute race for advance or sport

Two of the four GGs, Woolf and Lee Conner, will be racing this Saturday at the Kent, Stark race.
Connor fell in love with the sport.

“This was my first time ever on a cross bike and now I’m in love with the sport.  Unless something goes amiss, I’ll be racing on Saturday in Kent for my second time on a cross bike.”

Conner lives to the point of tears. Here she takes her famous pose,
after a hard training session.

I too, loved the sport. I used my old old Schwinn mountain bike. Darn thing is heavy, but it will do until I can afford another bike. I can’t race Saturday, but will be there taking pictures, come join me support Woolf and Conner in their first cross race.

Here is the link for all of Saturday’s race information and the complete  2010 NEO Cross Series


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