Saturday, Oct. 9 , 2010
Grunt Girls participate in the Adult Performance Class
at Akron General with sport performance coach
Amanda Kephart






Coach Kephart watches Diana, Kim and Trisha’s form
very closely .

The monster walk looks easy – not!  When you engage your glute muscles correctly, it burns like hell.

Our Saturday morning workout was not over the top intense, that is still to come. We did however, get our heart rate
pumping with a series of burpies, followed by donkey butt kicks and sprints, that was after we had spent time in the weight room, performing front squats, pull-ups, incline shoulder raises and other movements to improve our strength.

My goal, like many other athletes, is to increase my speed, and Coach Kephart says speed is a skill and you can learn to be faster. She supports this statement with the following results: Kephart helped one of her female athletes shave off 20 minutes  from her half-marathon. That is significant!

I have participated in three of Kephart’s classes. I really like the variety, knowledge and enthusiasm she brings to the 60-minute class. I have learned a lot, am able to amply what I have learned to my resistance training days outside of her class.

To learn more Kephart and the her sport performance classes, click here.









Andrea Chisnell performs reverse shoulder raises


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