New Year Resolutions

GGR New Year’s resolutions, fitness edition
The start of a new year is a clean slate. I [Jennifer Dietrich] asked some of the GGs what their fitness goals are for the 2012 season, and here’s what they had to say. Like me, I’m sure you’ll be very impressed with the gusto of our girls.

Gale Connor: “To master heart rate training, do my first 24 hour run, first 50 miler, and first 100K!”

Amy Maddock: “My 2012 fitness resolution is run a 10K trail race and do a biking tour.”

Jen Dietrich: “My fitness resolution is to improve my biking performance in the triathlon and to train even harder for my first Olympic distance tri this August.”

Teresa Stanek: “My main resolution is to build more muscle and stay lean and healthy. Like a lot of us, I also want to improve my biking and swimming for triathlon season, but as long as I am strong and healthy, I think it will all work out.”

Beth Madis: “I hope to drop 20, add swimming at least once per week (so that I can enjoy the tri’s instead of solely opting for du’s), and do core training specifically designed to keep stress fractures away!”

Melissa Looney: “My 2012 fitness resolution is to establish a consistent training regiment to help me focus on increasing my trail running endurance and distance, getting out on my bike more than in 2011, and to add regular strength training to my routine.”

Diana Leroux-Woolf: “My fitness resolution is to be even more Diva-licious than last year by extending my running mileage comfort zone.”

Lee Conor: “I resolve to not get myself so over-trained and over-race this year that I wind up having to spend 2-3 weeks doing almost nothing in order to recover.”

Frankie Smith: “My 2012 resolution is to continue to get help for my depression and try to get back the person I was before the suicide of a friend and my breast cancer.”

Elizabeth Sosen: “My 2012 fitness resolution is to do yoga/Pilates at least once a week.”

Andrea Chisnell: “My two weaknesses are swimming and road running. So, in 2012 I plan to be faster on the road, running a 1/2 marathon in February and …conquering my fear of swimming and participating in more tri’s this year.”

Jill Malusky: “Mine is to be as consistent as possible with my training and stay strong – no slacking off! I want to be able to complete ultra trail marathons more comfortably.”

Shelly Ferdon Breeden: “My new year’s resolution is to manage my work time and allot more time for training. This year I would like to commit my efforts to perform better.”

Jessica Maas: “My 2012 resolution is to be more BADASS & up my cross training game.”

Lydia Heemstra: “My 2012 fitness resolution is to stick to my training plan while starting school.”

Kate McConkey: “My 2012 fitness resolution is to get back to 100%, no more injuries and work on more endurance training.”

Megan Flanigan: “Complete full marathon, more water, more yoga, and control over my body fat percentage; ride bike from my house to Rocky River and back – hopefully some peeps will join me.”

Christ Petryszyn: “In 2012, I am going to run my first ultra and run a 3:20 marathon. I also plan to explore other activities such as yoga, rock climbing and backpacking to add some variety into my athletic life.”

Karen Ryan: “My 2012 fitness resolution is to keep healing this body by keeping restorative, low-impact forms of fitness such as yoga, walking and Pilates in my routine year-round.”


Cuyahoga Falls to Canada

Jan. 31, 2011

Last night, I along with five other gals, rolled across the roads of Canada from our stationary position in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Brian, owner of Ohio Indoor Cycling Invited the GGS to his studio for a kick-ass training ride. (

For one hour and 15 minutes we followed three Canadian cyclists as they rolled across the sunny roads in Canada. Yes, I said sunny. We did this via a huge projector screen. The system used: Computrainer. It mimics rela-life rides.

As we rolled along the flats and climbed the hills we watched our power output, average speed and watts. The computer changes the intensity, based on the type of terrain and other pre – calculated instructions.

I plan on doing this once a week. I know it will improve my cycling for my tri and road races this year.

You gotta check this place out.

Are you a Warrior?

Happy New Year!

The Grunt Girls, Stacy and Andrea are finalizing the details for the 2011 race season.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up.

Feb. 18-20: Women’s Weekend at Ray’s Mountain Bike Park. The Grunt Girls will be there Friday and Saturday.

April 9: Jackson Laughs 5K and 25K – great tune up for the Cleveland Marathon or Half-Marathon.

April 30: April RAINN – – 7-Mile Trail Race

Oct. 15: Run S’more race – distance TBD. This event will be one sweet race. GGR

We have a lot more in store. Details to follow.

In the meantime. On June 4, more than 20 GG will line up for the inaugural Warrior Dash in Logan, Ohio. We even designed our won event shirt. GGR logo is on the back, along with our supporters.

Shirts can be purchased, beginning in May.

Running Analysis with Coach Kephart

Head Sports Performance Coach Amanda Kephart MS, CSCS, USAW at Akron General Health and Wellness-North can help you take your running to a new level with improved form and sport specific strength training.

Join Coach Kephart and the Grunt Girls for a three hour class, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Dec. 4 or Dec 11. Classes are limited to 10 runners, per clinic – register now before the classes fill up. 330-945-3150

Cost: $30/sports performance members, $40/non-members


Upon completion of the clinic each participant will have the ability to:

  • Understand biomechanically correct running form
  • Identify improper running techniques and how to correct them
  • Utilize running skills and drills to address and improve technique
  • Understand the value of proper strength training and its affect on performance


  • Participants will be videotaped at the beginning and end of the course, this will be reviewed by  coach Kephart
  • Individual “homework” will be provided to each participant, focusing on his/her specific running mechanics

Email questions to:


Saturday, Oct. 9 , 2010
Grunt Girls participate in the Adult Performance Class
at Akron General with sport performance coach
Amanda Kephart






Coach Kephart watches Diana, Kim and Trisha’s form
very closely .

The monster walk looks easy – not!  When you engage your glute muscles correctly, it burns like hell.

Our Saturday morning workout was not over the top intense, that is still to come. We did however, get our heart rate
pumping with a series of burpies, followed by donkey butt kicks and sprints, that was after we had spent time in the weight room, performing front squats, pull-ups, incline shoulder raises and other movements to improve our strength.

My goal, like many other athletes, is to increase my speed, and Coach Kephart says speed is a skill and you can learn to be faster. She supports this statement with the following results: Kephart helped one of her female athletes shave off 20 minutes  from her half-marathon. That is significant!

I have participated in three of Kephart’s classes. I really like the variety, knowledge and enthusiasm she brings to the 60-minute class. I have learned a lot, am able to amply what I have learned to my resistance training days outside of her class.

To learn more Kephart and the her sport performance classes, click here.









Andrea Chisnell performs reverse shoulder raises

Cyclocross brings the kid out in you

Remember the good ‘ole days, when you were a kid without a care in the world, riding your bike all over the neighborhood?  Those days are long gone.  Unless you take Pam Semanik’s view on her first cross ride:

“Riding the course was like entering a time warp. I’m once again 12 years old, riding with my friends on our fat-tired coaster brake bikes, weaving in and out of the swings on the playground, jumping curbs, speeding over the neighbor’s lawns. The only difference – I wasn’t getting yelled at.”

Four Grunt Girls braved the Cross clinic Tuesday night. The clinic, which was sponsored by Grunt Girl Racing, Snake Bite Racing  and Team Lake Effect, with additional support from Bike Authority and Carbon Racing, offered newbies and  novice cross riders a chance to experience a cross course without the competition.

The clinic was a success. More than 25 riders, from various teams and clubs showed up to see what this hot sport is all about. The coaches divided the group into smaller groups and taught the riders how to dismount and

remount the bike, pick it up, and jump over obstacles. Next, the riders were put the test and rode part of the Regan Park cross course.

Diana Woolf, is new to the sport. She came out on her “old” mountain bike.
Woolf’s analogy of the sport: It’s like trail running on a bike, I loved it!”

Cross is high intensity.

“It’s a sport that requires the athlete to sprint in the beginning not the end of the race,” says Shawn Adams, one of the cross coaches and a member of Carbon Racing.

Adams, along with the other coaches make cross look easy, but admit, it takes time to master the technique. Practice makes perfect …

Another coach pointed out, cross is a lot of fun. Riders of all sorts, road, mountain, etc., enjoy this sport. They are laid back and supportive of one another.

The sport also offers three levels of racing.

30 minute race for newbies
45 minute race Novice
60 minute race for advance or sport

Two of the four GGs, Woolf and Lee Conner, will be racing this Saturday at the Kent, Stark race.
Connor fell in love with the sport.

“This was my first time ever on a cross bike and now I’m in love with the sport.  Unless something goes amiss, I’ll be racing on Saturday in Kent for my second time on a cross bike.”

Conner lives to the point of tears. Here she takes her famous pose,
after a hard training session.

I too, loved the sport. I used my old old Schwinn mountain bike. Darn thing is heavy, but it will do until I can afford another bike. I can’t race Saturday, but will be there taking pictures, come join me support Woolf and Conner in their first cross race.

Here is the link for all of Saturday’s race information and the complete  2010 NEO Cross Series

Endurance put to the test

Saturday, July 3 – Sunday, Aug. 1, 2010
Burning River 100-Mile Trail Run (BR100)

For the fourth year in a row I have had the pleasure of volunteering for one of the areas most notable ultra-endurance races: the BR100, a 100-mile trail race held in Northeast Ohio that travels through several of the region’s most scenic areas, including the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Cleveland Metroparks and the Metro Parks, serving Summit County.

This year, I was an aid station captain at the Covered Bridge. I worked under the strong and confident eye of Tanya Cady.
She runs a tight, concise and spot on aid station. I learned a lot this weekend.

Most on-lookers would say ultrarunners are insane. I say they are courageous, deeply motivated and have  off-the-chart abilities to push themselves beyond comprehensible challenges.  I watch in awe as these guys and gals run into the darkness, 12-plus hours after starting their run. The terrain is brutal in some parts. It’s one thing to run 100 miles and another to travel over rugged terrain that ascents and descents thousands of feet. These are the people who are successful in life, as they do not need monetary means to motivate them to accomplish a goal.

Blisters, sore feet, tired legs, hunger and fatigue are not enough to sideline these ambitious runners. Their intense focus and determination is what I find inspiring.

Click here to read Pam Semnik’s blog: Ultra-Amazing. Semnik is a cyclist. While she does run, here runs are detailed to short distance duathlons.  Semnik was inspired by these “insane” runners.

For more information on the BR100, click here.

Happy Running, hope to see you on the trails