Rockin the Twinsburg Du

June 2, 2013 
Twinsburg Duathlon

Before the start The Grunt Girls rocked the Twinsburg Duathon today. Not only did the girls look great in the new uniforms, several captured second and third places finishes in their age group.


Our newest member, Jessica Flynn placed third in her age group, 30-34, with a time of 1:14:22. This was Jess’s first race in quite some time – way to go Jess!

KIM Z Finish

Kim Zepp really put it all out there. Her hard work and dedication to training paid off today, she placed second in here age group, 35-39, with a time of 1:10:01. Nice job Zepp!

Julie with Bobble

Julie Buckeye won her second Twinsburg Duathlon bobble head. She placed second in her age group with a time of  1:09:56. Yay Julie!




Kristen Tarase (1:37:50), Beth Madis (1:20:33) and Paty Popovich (1:20:43) finished the Twinsburg Duathlon strong and with great times too. Nice job GGs!

The girls had support from their teammates Jen Dietrich, Amy Schultz, Elizabeth Sosan, Carolyn Billick, and Stacy Rhea. Ladies  thank you for being there to cheer on your fellow GGs.


Race Results: Run S’more 5K

The S’mores: Sara H., Christa P.,  Jennifer D.,(Lil Red: Andy) and Gabe B.

Sweetest Day, Oct. 15, 2011 began, for a select couple hundred, with the
sweet smell of chocolate in the air. On the property of
Harry London Chocolates and Fannie May,
Grunt Girl Racing hosted the inaugural Run S’more 5K.

The idea for Run S’more began after a winter run last year.
The Grunt Girls wanted hot cocoa after their run.
Over lunch, and a hot cup of hot chocolate, Run S’more was created.

Grunt Girl Racing and Harry London Chocolates/Fannie May
would like to thank all whom participated and supported the race.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit One of a Kind Animal Shelter.


The Mohican Report

April 17: Forget the PR
Mohican State Park

Congratulations to Lee Conner she took first
overall for the women and fifth overall,
with a time of 5:10

Gabe Bures completed his first 50K in 5:33

L to R: Kim Zepp, Heidi Finniff, Stacy Rhea,
Tonya Faye, Andrea Chisnell, Jill Amlusky and Gale Connor.

Fools beat course record

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Fools 25K & 50K
Sunny & Cold (35 degrees)  – a beautiful day for a trail race

First, I want to congratulate Sean Pope – not only was he the overall winner, he beat the course record by 27 minutes. Sandy Nypaver finished first for the women and set a new course record for the women. Lee Connor placed second for the women and also beat the old course record. Official times are not posted. As soon as they are, I will add a link to my post.








L) Lee Connor / R) Sandy Nypaver


Kim Zepp ran her first 25K trail race. Her expression says it all!








Anastiasia Birosh had an excellent race. She finshed two hours ahead of her estimated finishing time – congrats!









Gaborooni proves men can sleep anywhere! This was his first 25K too.

Shatter the Silence Inaugural Trail Run

Aug. 19, 2010

The inaugural Shatter the Silence Trail Run started out without a glitch. That all changed within minutes,  when three runners approached the finish line in less than 10 minutes. Race Directors Stacy Rhea and Andrea Chisnell realized their worst fear had become a reality.

“Prior to the start of the race, we were informed several cones had been moved, twisted or disappeared,” Rhea said. We sent out a runner to double-check the course, but with limited time, he didn’t quite make all the corrections.”

In addition to the cones being out-of-place Rhea and Chisnell were also told three teenaged boys were on the ledges throwing sticks at the runners.

“I immediately hit the course looking for the boys,” Chisnell said. “I found them, but there wasn’t much I could do.Three against one made the odds bad for me.”

Rhea was on the course too, trying to figure out where the runners went wrong. A volunteer was confused and sent the second wave of runers the wrong way, Rhea said. Of all the issues that could arise at an inaugural race, one hopes runners do not miss turns, get confused or run extra miles, Rhea said., but that is exactly  what happened.

Due to the course confusion, timing the race was difficult. Cleveland Plays Racing did a great job trying to time the event. In the end, the 5K event could not be accurately timed. To rectify this, if that is even possible, Rhea and Chisnell are working on a special discount for STS runners through Vertical Runner.  (Details to be posted soon at

Race results, will be posted Monday. Keep in mind the results are not 100 percent accurate.

What are the girls doing to make next year’s race  a success?

“We realize the inaugural  race was less than perfect, and are working out all the details  for 2011 event now.”

A new course outline is in the works. Rather than following a 5K / 10K course, Rhea and Chisnell are opting for a course that is geared towards miles, not kilometers.  This will allow the RDs to create a comparable route, without using so many connector trails.

Color-coded flags will be used for each course, and a lot more volunteers will be on hand.

“We managed to gather a few last-minute volunteers,  Rhea said. “As of Aug. 18 we only had 90 runners registered. We had no idea another 100 runners would register before the start of the race. Thirty signed up on Wednesday and more than 65 runners showed up Thursday evening to register.

“You can imagine how surprised we were,” Chisnell said. The extra runners created a few last-minute and unexpected issues – we made do with the number fo volunteers we had.”

Despite the course complications,  runners crossed the finish line with a smile and said they would be back next year. “Rhea and Chisnell have received several e-mails from participants,” Rhea said. “Many are understanding and supportive, others have expressed a concern for the course confusion, but also said they would be back next  year.

“We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the feed back and support,Rhea and Chisnell said. “We would like to thank everyone for their support!”

Visit, for full details.

Greater Cleveland Triathlon / Duathlon

Sunday, Aug. 8, 2010
Greater Cleveland Triathlon/Duathlon

What a perfect day for a race. More than 265 triathletes and duathletes participated in the sixth annual Greater Cleveland Triathlon and Duathlon at Mentor Headlands Beach.

The 2008 & 09 swims had to be cancelled due to bad weather. This year, the waves started rolling in as triathletes finished their swim.

The Grunt Girls had an awesome day.

L to R: Teresa, Andrea, Stacy, Diana, Trish and Kim

Andrea Chisnell placed first over-all in the International distance duathlon

Stacy Rhea placed second over-all in the International duathlon

Trish McNamara placed  first in the age group, 45-49, in the Sprint duathlon.

Kim Zepp placed six out of 10 in the International triathlon

Teresa Stanek placed fourth in the age group 45-49, International triathlon

Diana Woolf placed six out of 12 in the sprint triathlon

L to R: Trish, Andrea, Stacy

Next on the race list:

Twilight 8K – Aug. 12
Shatter the Silence – Aug. 19
Xterra 5-mile trail race – Aug. 21