Rockin the Twinsburg Du

June 2, 2013 
Twinsburg Duathlon

Before the start The Grunt Girls rocked the Twinsburg Duathon today. Not only did the girls look great in the new uniforms, several captured second and third places finishes in their age group.


Our newest member, Jessica Flynn placed third in her age group, 30-34, with a time of 1:14:22. This was Jess’s first race in quite some time – way to go Jess!

KIM Z Finish

Kim Zepp really put it all out there. Her hard work and dedication to training paid off today, she placed second in here age group, 35-39, with a time of 1:10:01. Nice job Zepp!

Julie with Bobble

Julie Buckeye won her second Twinsburg Duathlon bobble head. She placed second in her age group with a time of  1:09:56. Yay Julie!




Kristen Tarase (1:37:50), Beth Madis (1:20:33) and Paty Popovich (1:20:43) finished the Twinsburg Duathlon strong and with great times too. Nice job GGs!

The girls had support from their teammates Jen Dietrich, Amy Schultz, Elizabeth Sosan, Carolyn Billick, and Stacy Rhea. Ladies  thank you for being there to cheer on your fellow GGs.


Second Annual Project Night Night

One of the premises behind Grunt Girl Racing is giving back to the community. The Grunt Girls do this several times throughout the year.

One such giving is Project Night Night. After purchasing and gathering  blankets, books and stuffed animals the girls gather to stuff canvas bags, which are purchased for the nonprofit organization, Project Night Night.

Once the bags are stuffed, they are delivered to several women’s shelters in the area such as Haven of RestDomestic Violence Shelter, in Cleveland and Summit County.

In the coming months, Grunt Girl Racing will team up with Fleet Feet Sports and Century Cycles to host a PJ night run and PJ night ride. We did the night ride with CC last year. It was a blast seeing everyone wear their PJs. We were able to collect several blankest and stuffed animals.

Look at all the great stuff that was either donated, or purchased by the Grunt Girls.

Shatter the Silence

The second annual Shatter the Silence will literally shatter the silence

– One in six women in America will be a victim of sexual assault
– Every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted
–  60 percent of sexual assaults are not reported to the police
– Approximately 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone
known to the victim
– 38 percent of rapists are a friend or acquaintance

[Statistic Source: Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network]

More than a handful of the Grunt Girls are survivors of sexual assault.
Race Director Stacy Rhea is one GG willing to step up to the plate and help
shatter the silenceby wearing a purple shirt to show she is a survivor.
(Purple is an option – others may opt for white to show their support)

At age 8, Rhea was assaulted by a family member.
She never spoke about it until she was 21.

“For years I walked around with a dark secret, wondering why …”

Rhea does not have the answer to that question, but with the help of
co-race director, Andrea Chisnell and the GGs, Rhea hopes to help
shatter the silence by educating,empowering and inspiring
others to talk and support one another.

Rape is a crime, talking about it isn’t. 

Show your support and open the door to help support GGs
and their efforts to Shatter the Silence.
A portion of the proceeds will go the
Summit and Medina Rape Crisis Center.

Registration is now open. Click here. 

The Ledges course is a beautiful rolling course. Check out the course
Saturday, Aug. 13 when the Grunt Girls lead a familiarization run.

Meet at 8 a.m. Q&A for newbies following the training run.


100-plus Divas

Despite the terrible road conditions, Divas from all around
the Cleveland area made it to the notorious Diva Night, at the Fleet Feet in Northfield, Ohio.

The Grunt Girls were there supporting their newest sponsor,
Fleet Feet Sports, and promoting the areas only all-women’s multi-disipline team.
The girls always seem to have fun – wherever they go.

Cyclocross brings the kid out in you

Remember the good ‘ole days, when you were a kid without a care in the world, riding your bike all over the neighborhood?  Those days are long gone.  Unless you take Pam Semanik’s view on her first cross ride:

“Riding the course was like entering a time warp. I’m once again 12 years old, riding with my friends on our fat-tired coaster brake bikes, weaving in and out of the swings on the playground, jumping curbs, speeding over the neighbor’s lawns. The only difference – I wasn’t getting yelled at.”

Four Grunt Girls braved the Cross clinic Tuesday night. The clinic, which was sponsored by Grunt Girl Racing, Snake Bite Racing  and Team Lake Effect, with additional support from Bike Authority and Carbon Racing, offered newbies and  novice cross riders a chance to experience a cross course without the competition.

The clinic was a success. More than 25 riders, from various teams and clubs showed up to see what this hot sport is all about. The coaches divided the group into smaller groups and taught the riders how to dismount and

remount the bike, pick it up, and jump over obstacles. Next, the riders were put the test and rode part of the Regan Park cross course.

Diana Woolf, is new to the sport. She came out on her “old” mountain bike.
Woolf’s analogy of the sport: It’s like trail running on a bike, I loved it!”

Cross is high intensity.

“It’s a sport that requires the athlete to sprint in the beginning not the end of the race,” says Shawn Adams, one of the cross coaches and a member of Carbon Racing.

Adams, along with the other coaches make cross look easy, but admit, it takes time to master the technique. Practice makes perfect …

Another coach pointed out, cross is a lot of fun. Riders of all sorts, road, mountain, etc., enjoy this sport. They are laid back and supportive of one another.

The sport also offers three levels of racing.

30 minute race for newbies
45 minute race Novice
60 minute race for advance or sport

Two of the four GGs, Woolf and Lee Conner, will be racing this Saturday at the Kent, Stark race.
Connor fell in love with the sport.

“This was my first time ever on a cross bike and now I’m in love with the sport.  Unless something goes amiss, I’ll be racing on Saturday in Kent for my second time on a cross bike.”

Conner lives to the point of tears. Here she takes her famous pose,
after a hard training session.

I too, loved the sport. I used my old old Schwinn mountain bike. Darn thing is heavy, but it will do until I can afford another bike. I can’t race Saturday, but will be there taking pictures, come join me support Woolf and Conner in their first cross race.

Here is the link for all of Saturday’s race information and the complete  2010 NEO Cross Series

Forget the PR

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Forget the PR, Mohican 25K and 50K

The weekend was full of fun
and accomplishments.

Friday, April 16:  Andrea, Lee, Tonya
and Stacy arrive at Mohican.  After unpacking
and grabbing a bite to eat the girls relaxed
around the fire pit. By 11 p.m. lights were out.
The girls slept in until 8 a.m.
“That’s late for us”, Andrea said. “We’re all early risers
during the week.” While Andrea and Lee hiked the trails,
Tonya and Stacy studied. ” I am glad I wasn’t studying
what Tonya was studying: physiology,” Stacy said. 
Stacy was researching whether or not digital billboards
are distracting and cause more traffic accidents for her
PR/advertising law class. “The topic soundsboring,”  Stacy said.
“But, I find the reasearch interesting because it is such a new
technology and there is quite a bit of controversy
about  what has beendubbed as “TV on a stick.”  


Later in the day, three more
Grunt Girls arrived:
Jody, Andrea and Sarah.
One may think seven girls in one cottage
is way too many. Not for the Grunt Girls.
“We get along so well, you’d think
we were sisters,” Jodi said.

Saturday, April 17:

As evening arrived, the girls gathered around
the fire pit to discuss the race, life and
whatever else came up. Mel, another Grunt Girl
stopped by with her “new” friend Tim.
What a nice guy!
Once again, 11 p.m. rolled around
and all lights were out.

Sunday, April 18: Race day!
The stars were still shining when the
first alarm clockrang at 5:30 a.m.
Coffee was on, and the girls began their
race-morning rituals. Breakfast three
hours before the start of the race.
For most of the girls it was PB&J.
The healthy PB&J: multi-grain bread,
natural PB and low sugar jam. Cheerios and soy milk 
were also on the list. Supplements, post-recovery meals,
and extra clothing were packed;
the girls were ready to go by 7:30 a.m.

The girls made their way to the start line with
expectations of a slow race,
after all the race is called Forget the PR.


For results, click here.

What Fools We Are

March 28, 2010
Fools 50K & 25K  trail race

7 a.m. the the start of the 25K. It was so
cold that finish line pictures were not part
of the thought process. We were all shivering
and wanting dry clothes as soon as possible.   

The hot soup at the finish line was a great idea!

Lee, (Stacy & Andrea)   Tonya

Our next two races: 
April 18 – Forget the PR Mohican
April 24 – Xterra Series #1 at Vulture’s Knob